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Landing Pages

Landing pages are called such because they are the pages that people "land" on when they arrive on your site via an external link (usually Google).

Landing pages are all about increasing your discoverability within Search engines. A large number of people will land on your homepage when visiting your website, however the more pages of unique content your site contains the more likely you are to show up in search results. Each page you create on your website will serve as a potential new route into your website from search engines. Although we generate a lot of these for you, within SCRUMPY there are various areas where you can create landing pages on your website:

Holiday ideas

In order to improve discoverability in search engines you can put together Holiday Ideas to group together properties by features, availability and more. Examples of Holiday Ideas could include; beach holidays, romantic holidays, walking holidays etc. Holiday Ideas come together as pages on the front-end of your website that list out the properties that they target alongside the content and images you provide. Holiday ideas are a powerful tool in generating unique landing pages to help improve search engine exposure for your website. For more informaiton on how to create holiday ideas on your website, take a look at our help article.

Destination Pages

In order to improve search engine exposure for your website you can supply your own content to describe the area around your property. For example, in order to increase your search visibility for terms such as ‘Holiday properties in Somerset’. You could create a destination page for Somerset. The content that you write and the images that you supply all go into the creation of a unique landing page that helps to generate improved search engine exposure for your website. For help on creating Destination Pages take a look at our help article.

Content Pages

Sometimes an 'About Us' page isn't enough content for your website. You can add Content Pages to your site to add these extra details, common uses include; a write up about the local area or perhaps this could be to do with some interesting local event (e.g. the great village cheese rolling day). Content Pages are completely under your control meaning you can add images, styles and more to help add additional information to your listing. For more information on how to create content pages take a look at our help article.

Blog Articles

Blog Articles are a great way to advertise and market your holiday property/properties and are again another fantastic way of creating routes into your website via search engines. You can use your blog to post about anything form property renovations to local events in your area. For more information on how to create blog articles take a look at our help article.

Landing pages are vital in building up your search presence and we like to think we have made it easy for you to expand your SCRUMPY website in a variety of ways. If you would like to dicuss landing pages further or want to find out more about SCRUMPY could benefit your holiday property business then please don't hesitate to get in touch, we'd love to give you a demo!