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Repeat Business

There's nothing better than a guest enjoying their stay so much they decide to return. We put together a few tips to help encourage that returning guest.

The Booking Process

It all begins with making the booking process as smooth and easy as possible for the guest, make sure your availability is up to date so the guest can instantly see if their dates are available without having to get in touch with you first. Allowing your guest to book their stay online means your business is open 24 hours a day so makes it easy for them to secure their dates. It is vital that you make it as easy as possible for them to book their stay without creating unecessary barriers.

You know your property and the area it is in better than anybody so share that knowledge with the guest. Adding things to do and places to eat could help improve their stay and again make them want to come back. The more places you can recommend the better. Take a look at our help article on how to add Things to do to your SCRUMPY website.

Welcoming The Guest

On arriving at the property make it as welcoming as possible include a welcome pack, maybe even go the extra mile and leave some baked goods for your guests. We have written an article on welcome packs which you can see here.

Hopefully your guest won't need to get in touch with you during their stay but if they do make sure you are as helpful as possible and respond in a timely fashion. Even if something in the property is not working and you are unable to go out and fix it straight away, be apologetic and listen to the guest so they at least know you care and are going to address it.

Keep in touch

Follow up with them after the stay, ask them for a review and if they have any useful suggestions you could even inform them if you will be following through. You can also email them upcoming availability and offers for upcoming stays. By keeping in touch they will remember your property for next time they are looking for somewhere to stay.

Encourage them to follow you on social media so they can see your property at different times in the year. They may have stayed with you in the summer but you can help them to imagine the property in different settings for example at Christmas time. They can also keep up to date with any property improvements or renovations you have done.

Rebooking a Stay

We have made it extremely easy to rebook a guest through your SCRUMPY website without having to fill out every single detail again. For more information and a guide on how to do this, take a look at our article.

If they came through a different channel encourage them to come direct next time to avoid paying commission fees. This could end up saving both you and the guest money.

SCRUMPY is full of useful tools and features to help you to achieve repeat business. If you would like to discuss this in more detail or would like a SCRUMPY website for your holiday property then please get in touch, we would love to talk you through our system.